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  1. When I met Michael, I was still a student completing my ATPL theory exams. He is an amazing instructor and is a very skillful pilot!
    As now I graduated and also became the CTKI at an aviation academy, I can say that there is no one better to instruct and prepare the students for the ATPL theory exams!

  2. I worked with Michael for a while and he is a wonderful instructor, he was teaching ATPL subjects to pilots students, monitoring and reporting on studying progress. He was providing guidance and support to students, and I noticed he has a great ability interacting with the students, ability to work as part of a team, very positive attitude and willing to work in a multicultural environment all times, he is very polite and friendly and a very skillful pilot.

  3. Michael was my deputy CTKI for several years. He is a very knowledgeable and conscientious instructor who establishes a good rapport with his students.
    I can thoroughly recommend him as a personal tutor.

  4. I met Michael in Airways, when I was GM, he loves teaching and the aviation world. He is such responsable at work and allways is avaliable when you need support; I guess to have Michael in your team is to have a great deal. He speaks Spanish, French, English… even some Catalan… and he is creative and proactive as well.

  5. Recuerdo a Michael en su etapa de Investigador en IRTA pero con la idea clara de dedicarse a la aviación, su pasión por volar siempre fue su proyecto. Hoy lo veo feliz feliz

  6. I met Michael on February 2021 during my atpl theory class lessons in Airways College, his abilities to teach it were simply brilliant, principle of flight, meteorology were super easy to understand with him !

  7. I worked with Michael in Airways Aviation base Huesca, Spain. My opinion is that he is knowledgeable professional dedicated to his job and company business goals. He has also friendly personality, ready to help in and outside the scope of work.

  8. J’ai connu Micka lors de mon ATPL théorique et honnêtement j’étais bien bloqué en meca vole et en météo, mais la en quelques heures avec des explication simple et concrète les doutes et difficultés étaient levés…
    J’ai passé mon ATPL avec succès et ainsi j’ai obtenue 95% en meca vole et 98% en météo, alors que c’était les 2 modules qui me bloquaient le plus.
    Un grand merci à toi piur ta rigueur et ton professionnalisme.

  9. I had the pleasure of having Michael as my instructor for the most of my ATPL theory stage of my training at Airways Aviation Academy. On a personal level Michael is friendly, approachable and knowledgeable, and had a positive impact on our learning culture in encouraging a continuous learning and believes, while still having a keen eye on small detail to ensure I was achieving and performing to the best of my abilities. Michael was able to outline the objective of each lesson very clearly. I felt that the knowledge and techniques I learned under Michael’s command was invaluable in helping me to pass my ATPL exams.
    Highly recommended if you are looking for a theory ATPL instructor.

  10. I’m delighted to give Michael a testimonial! I employed him at Airways Aviation where he quickly became my deputy CTKI and carried the role for many years. His knowledge, enthusiasm, professionalism and teaching style are all impeccable. He’s also a thoroughly nice chap!
    I have no hesitation in recommending him!

  11. Michael is a great instructor and a great person, he was our TKI for several modules of my ATPL.
    I remember him being a very competent, professional, and calm instructor.
    Still today I, have no doubt about his skill and professionalism. And I would totally recommend him for any aviation related subject.

    1. Merci Laurent! I enjoy a lot seeing the pictures you take now at FL490 and I am very proud of having contributed a little bit to your success! Michael

  12. I have worked with Michael on a number of occasions and I can say without hesitation that he is a well informed instructor and is thoroughly professional. He is also a good guy!

  13. When i first met Mr Micheal, i was a student undergoing the first phase of the EASA ATPL Theory. Mr Micheal guided me through these tough phases and helped me every single step of the way. He is an amazing instructor, with a love for teaching and has a very high level of theoretical knowledge. Mr Micheal was a huge asset for my success in the ATPL and completing it with no retests in any subject. Very professional and i would recommend him without any hesitations.

    1. Thank you Eli! It was a great pleasure to teach you ATPL subjects and we did a great job together! Wish you all the best in your career.

  14. We were lucky enough to be taught meteorology by Mr Michael. He is by far the best instructor that has ever taught me, it is mind blowing how he managed to make meteorology (which is such a dense subject) seem so simple. His methods to explain difficult concepts to students are unmatched. I can safely say that he has certainly helped in comfortable understanding meteorology. On that note, I would certainly without a doubt recommend him to anyone studying the ATPL program!

  15. I was a student in michael’s courses, specially in Met and PoF
    I can’t say more than what was already said by other testimonials, but I can say that from my personal experience with Michael, he had the best knowledge and he was a great instructor.

  16. I had the pleasure to be a student in Michael’s classes and he’s definitely the instructor that every flight school MUST have!
    He was able to prepare us in the best and smooth way possible Principles of flight and Meteorology.
    I went through the exam without any fear of new question as the knowledge he gives you is directly related on how to approach and solve every type of question.
    Thank you Michael!

  17. We worked with Michael who was a teacher in our flight school. He is a teacher who has a great knowledge of the subjects he taught us (this time it was Meteorology and the principle of flight). He is really available to answer the students’ questions and does not hesitate to bring concrete elements and anecdotes to help the understanding of complex concepts. Moreover, Michael is always very enthusiastic about joining us in class, which has helped to revitalise the group when fatigue was felt. Thank you for everything!

    1. Thank you so much Dylan! You were a passionate student like the rest of your group and it was a real pleasure to make you understand ATPL subjects! Feel free to follow/like/share my activities on social media (IG @coachapilot)!

  18. I have worked with Michael and his team for many subjects, they are very friendly. I can say that the knowledge I learned with him and the others instructors has been indispensable to pass my exams. Therefore I highly recommend Coach A Pilot!

  19. It is a real pleasure to work under the expertise of Michael who brings a great support in the understanding of aeronautical concepts, and participates effectively in the consolidation of my knowledge in order to validate my EASA exams.
    I underline his professionalism, as well as the excellence of his pedagogy, in virtual or face-to-face, his unfailing responsiveness, the clarity of his explanations, without forgetting his passion for this aeronautical world and his permanent enthusiasm, with whom it is constructive and possible to exchange in French, English or Spanish. Thanks again for your valuable help!

    1. Thank you so much Chaïma for the trusting me and the fantastic efforts you are putting in your training!

  20. A real pleasure to have Michael as an instructor in our school for the hard subjects !
    Great and clear explanations for every class and he is able to easily transmit his passion for aviation ! Hope more students will have the chance to meet him in their program

  21. It was a real please meeting Michael who delivered 4 subjects in our ATO (including POF, MET, PERF & RNAV). I am pleased to say that everyone in my batch achieved a first time pass across all 4 subjects thanks to Michael’s unique dedication and passion for teaching. Not only Michael is a very well versed & super knowledgeable Instructor, Michael also went the extra mile and never missed an opportunity to share his extensive experience to help us succeed, it truly made a difference, Thank you!

    1. My pleasure Guillaume! Good luck and happy landings for the rest of your career and let’s keep in touch!

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