Alexis, A320 pilot (3000h total), junior TKI, Aviation Psychology peer volunteer, coach young pilots.

Damien, A330/350 pilot (5000h total), TKI

David, full time TKI (UK-CAA / EASA) with 20 years experience, aeronautical engineer and Flight Simulator Training Device (FSTD) manager

Fares, FI (3000h total) & TKI full time (4 years experience).

Graham, TKI, CTKI & Airline navigator (40 years experience)

Mez, TKI in several ATO (UK-CAA / EASA), 5 years experience.

Mathieu, B737-800 pilot (3000h), former TKI ENAC (French national school of civil aviation).

Michaël, TKI & CTKI in several ATO (UK-CAA / EASA), 7 years experience. PhD in science, Teaching and research experience. Founder Coach A Pilot.

Sébastien, B1900 captain, FI / IRI / CRI / FE / IRE / FIE (7000h total), 13 years experience.

Marketa, coordinator